Tweet and missy dating

22-Dec-2017 09:11

On a fall afternoon last year, Tweet was at a Hollywood recording studio playing songs that were set for inclusion on “Charlene,” her first album in over a decade. Her smile was wide as she played stirring, soulful tracks such as "Priceless," "Neva Shouda Left Ya" and a new single, "Magic," that recalled her stellar 2002 debut. I couldn’t hit anymore rock bottom than I already did. I focused on being grandma, mom, daughter, best friend -- just living. You know Missy and I, we have a lot of records in the vault -- we could just sit and play so many records that people haven’t heard. After a number of setbacks in her personal and professional life, the songstress, born Charlene Keys, said she found herself at “rock bottom.”“I was at my wits' end. I wouldn't be here today if I hadn’t made that choice to go back and rededicate myself. I was still writing and doing shows, but just not in the mainstream. But the song on this album, [“Somebody Else Will”], is so special because we’re both back to give something to the people. I was drinking every day, smoking three packs of cigarettes. That’s when my blessings started coming -- hit or miss, with different labels. You worked with the same crew from your first two albums. I really just want people to be reminded that there are artists out there still wanting to put out good music.

Bryant plans on the long-haul for their relationship: “I call her my last lady,” he said.

“And, I pulled an Orrick move and asked for a picture.

We have grown into an incredible friendship; I call her my ‘Last Lady.’”In the ‘Preachers’ segment Tweet did admit that the most difficult part of dating him was “the other women” and how harshly they judged her.

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And her appearance during a recent episode of the “Preachers” talk show, which is the show that Bryant hosts, proved that the two of them are ready to make their love public.“We’ve grown into an incredible friendship,” said Bryant in the couple’s first interview together.