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One distinctive in the way we plant churches is that we send off a whole team of people at a time – for the sake of our church-planters and so that from the beginning, there will already be a close community to invite people into.We usually hope to send off around 10 to 15 people.This is where you can find announcements for the coming week, bible reading schedule, photos, event information, and more!Gracepoint Berkeley is a multi-ethnic and Asian-American church serving the Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco communities with ministries for working professionals, singles, couples, college students, youth, and children.Our dream is to keep planting churches in college towns, and our hope is that these churches would, in turn, become church-planting churches, to reach more and more lives for the sake of the gospel.Gracepoint Davis Church is a local Baptist congregation that meets at 123 Sciences Lecture Hall on the UC Davis campus.

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There’s the pain of relocating, saying goodbye to many friends, getting new jobs, waiting months for a job offer to come, and all the sheer labor of starting up a new ministry.For the most part, the teams consist of our staff (i.e., lay leaders who have been engaged in ministry), who volunteer to go.